jueves, 26 de mayo de 2005

The Filibuster Deal from Hell: A Lose, Lose, Lose, Lose Situation

Conventional wisdom, I suppose, says that the Republicans got the short end of the stick in the recent compromise on judicial filibusters. For my part, I think everybody loses from almost every conceivable angle.

The losses for the Republicans are numerous and costly, indeed: . . . credibility down the crapper . . . further disillusionment of base . . . makes their majority status seem an irrelevancy . . . giving Democrats essentially carte blanche to fillibuster away now during Supreme Court nominations . . . on and on, blah, blah blah.

Less attention has been paid to what the Democrats have lost--and it might not be what everyone has already conceded. It's credibility. By conceding to this "deal" to reserve the right to filibuster the most extreme candidates, they have, in fact, tipped their hands that the slot of judges so far nominated have not, in reality, been extreme at all.

The gig is up: they've been lying. These guys haven't been extreme. If they were extreme, they still be holding on to their right to filibuster them. The very fact that they've reserved a space for more "extreme" nominees reveals the depth of their deception about the current slate of judges: for years now, they've been saying that the likes of Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, Miguel Estrada, and David Pryor represent extreme, out-of-the-mainstream judicial philosophies (as if the increasingly minority viewpoints of the Democratic Party has any notion of what is mainstream in American--if it did--they'd be the friggin' majority).

Now that lie is exposed as what it is: a desperate attempt by a political party to cling on to its last vestige of unchecked power—the judicial branch (the only area in which they still maintain a majority).

The problem is: the traditional liberal media will never call them on it and the alternative, conservative media is too angry and wrapped up in hating the wussy Republicans. So I guess the Democrats win even by losing.

Sometimes I feel like w2e conservative voters are like the pre-2004 Boston Red Sox, forever in the hunt for the big prize but never able to pull it off. Call it the Curse of the McCain.

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